Well, It's been a few months we are in this online E-commerce business, where we have learned so many things and it’s funny to say we didn’t have any knowledge whatsoever how this business we are going to take forward to grow bigger and provide some value to society.

Let me share with you a Funny story about how we ended up making an online business. Here it is, I was browsing my phone after my office hour around 7 pm approx my find sent me a text stating hey! Do you know about Shopify? My reply was like No! Bro never heard of it, what it is actually, and without answering my question he went on asking ever heard about Dropshipping, and I replied the same again NO ! and this time asking him a question, tell me about it and he sent me a link of youtube videos which is of 2 hours and goes on saying watch this and do research. I did research that night and came to know what Dropshipping is and how it can be implemented. The very next day we had a conversation with each other and finalized a Brand Name: MOBTECK  ACCESSORIES  and got the website domain on the same and created a Shopify store, as we created a store now the main problem was how to get the product for our online store and started searching here and there as we are electronic accessories first we got our manufacturers for a smartwatch , then Earphones and Earpods and now we have multiple manufacturers tie-up with us and we thoroughly check the quality of the product so that we keep the promise made to our Customer and provide the experience they want while buying the products




NAME: Bishal Thapa 

DEGINISTATION: We Don’t Believe in It.

The Mind behind the Founder of Mobteck a well known good human being who believes in friends and trust with the whole heart for every person. He believes in creating an opportunity for himself and others.

He manages the Financial Transaction of the order as well as the paid services and handles logistics so that our customers get the products in the given time. He thoroughly checks the quality of the products, speaks with the manufacturer, and manages all the Product related and maintains the financial transaction of the E-Com business.


NAME: Mishal Rai

DEGINISTATION: We Don’t Believe in It.

The Most Amazing Person which I have known my whole life and one of the key members of the online E-Com store MobTeck. He handles all the social media accounts for MobTeck and works on how to improve the social presence of our online store and help customers get the right products for their needs by replying to customer queries in social media messenger.

He does not stop there beside helping in social media accounts he also manages catalog and creates ads and tests them with different possibilities so that we succeed also him.


NAME: Prashant Chettri

DEGINISTATION: We Don’t Believe in It.

The person who always puts a smile in his face whatever the situation and tries to help everyone within the circle. The person who makes possible the disputes raised by the customer by helping them with appropriate solutions and Trying to make each and every possible outcome in the customer favor. We believe customers are God in Mobteck and he helps us by making it possible. 

That’s not the stop for him he also helps other team members and deals with new manufacturers and closes the deal and provides ideas on marketing and come up with new ideas on how to expand the business to each and every customer and make up our own BRAND.

He also has the vision to grow this online E-COM to own stores in each and every part of the country and we all believe in making our vision a reality.


NAME: Bishu Sharma

DEGINISTATION: We Don’t Believe in It.

This is me, the one who wrote this Blog Post. Well, now you know that I write blog posts for our E-Com website MobTeck. But it is not only limited to that I check that every payment you make that goes successful without any problem to you and also in refund and dispute or you don’t accept the product but already paid and check the transaction and process for a refund and also the verification for the transaction . It is my responsibility that the website loads and at a given time with the fastest loading solution even for google the  SEO so that you don’t get any difficulty browsing any contact of the site.

Apart from that I also write product descriptions so that you know what you are getting when you are buying our Product and that helps in overcoming your problems with the gadgets you get from us. 


NAME: Anil Bhandari 

DEGINISTATION: We Don’t Believe in It.

He is the new member of our online E-com business MobTeck Family, the most dynamic person whom I met in my life. His logical mind gives the diversity to think in every possible aspect of how to communicate with customers and provide them with a good solution. He helps us with digital marketing and adding content to social media sites also with his bord psychological thinking on how to grow in the competitive market with the change of customer minds.

He provides his valuable feedback to every team member with the idea of communicating with the customer and assuring the quality response provided to the customer who reaches us with their Concern.


This is all about the founder of Online store MobTeck. We hope you help us grow and provide us with feedback so that we can improve in each and every aspect of life with the growing customer base and giving the best experience what you expect from a company.

Thanks For Reading !! Hope You order from us 


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    Really nice to hear your story hope to see you soon in india

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