Mobteck- OG-A3 Pro Earbuds

Mobteck- OG-A3 Pro Earbuds - Black - Wireless Hifi Sound In

Mobteck- OG-A3 Pro Earbuds

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Earphones and Earpods are to make you feel alive with the music and calm your stress so that you can focus on other good things in your life. There should be no compromise when coming to choosing your Earphones and Earpods and it should be worth the value for your money. In MobTeck we don’t talk about the Quality/selling of the product we talk about providing value and experience. There is a quote on music which says like this.

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”Aldous Huxley

If You are eager to know How you can experience our product below are the Details.

Description :

  • You can connect the Earpod within the range of 10m with no obstacle and also have the auto-pairing that means you don’t have to take your mobile every time to pair the device.
  • Don’t worry about wearing it in rain or by mistakenly dropping it inside the water. We have got that covered and it comes with IPX5 waterproofing.
  • Having doubts about the compatibility let me clear that it's only required Android and iOS also its support Siri it sounds good right?
  • We know you don’t like outside sound disturbing your music, that’s why we have put noise cancellation with stereo sound quality with HD Binaural Call Sound Quality don’t believe us try for yourself.
  • Traveling somewhere wants to share your Earpods to your partner we got that covered. It can connect with 2 phones with dual microphone support at the same time isn't that amazing.
  •  You can easily use it for 3-4 hours, with the portable charger, which can last up to 15-20 hours. I hope that is enough for you with a Charging Box: 400mah Earphone: 50mah x 2. 
  • You will be getting this product with a choice of your color and a TYPE-C USB cable and a portable charger box

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